Hi! My name is ... Gillian (with a "gee")
I am an Online Strategy Geek ... with the knack of explaining complex techy geeky online business stuff in a "straight forward, plain English, step by step, simplified manner" - starting with the basics, and continually building on what you've already learnt.
It was 2011, we'd just sailed back to Australia after 5 glorious years cruising around SE Asia & I needed something to do. The "gig" economy was in it's infancy, and because of my IT training background & the newly created opportunities that were opening up, it was a no brainer for me to completely immerse myself in social media training & digital marketing.
Skip ahead to two years ago - just as we're about to set sail for another long-term adventure into the Pacific ... covid hit ... forcing us to completely revise our plans & remain in Australia. So with mixed feelings, we've sold the yacht & have once again become "landlubbers" in sunny Queensland.
I was finally enjoying retirement bliss in one of the most beautiful places I've ever lived in ...

BUT … I kept crossing paths with solopreneurs, coaches, consultants – who had so much knowledge to share with others, who were really struggling to keep their businesses afloat due to the effects of covid lockdowns & restrictions. Even with all the amazing online tools now available, I became aware they were feeling completely tech challenged, lost & frustrated trying to get their business online – often not knowing where to start. Mix that with day to day life & family pressures, it’s no wonder that so many businesses were closing & owners were burning out.

The universe was giving me a message – how could I not share all my online business knowledge, especially as I truly understand how to simplify all the bits & pieces in launching an online business. And so UNGEEK ONLINE BIZ STUFF (where I’ll share information on what tools to use) and BE MORE VISIBLE ONLINE (where I’ll deliver online training) were borne.

I love seeing those “#lightbulb & #AHA moments” & eyes lighting up when it’s realise that YES, with my training and guidance, it’s YOU who has actually contributed to the foundations and building blocks of your online business. The sense of achievement is beyond words.

  • Detailed Online Biz knowledge, tips & tricks & in-depth understanding on which tools are the most efficient & easiest to use, to get the job done 100% 100%
  • Very professional and listens to your concerns with online strategy and makes it so simple to implement changes that she recommends 100% 100%
  • Highly recommend the training ... especially for someone who isn't very good at technology 100% 100%
What People Say
Gillian, has been helping my small business get a Google presence online. Her help, tips and tricks have been invaluable. She explains everything in a easy to understand way. I have received inquires already in just one day of being live. I highly recommend Be More Visible Online and cannot thank Gillian enough.
Ronnie Austin, Bay Crystals Hervey Bay Qld

Gillian from Be MORE Visible Online has transformed my business online. Very professional and listens to your concerns with online strategy and makes it so simple to implement changes that she recommends. 100% recommendation
Wendy MacManus, Wendy & Holly Shoes

Gillian is so helpful and patient with me while I'm learning the things I need to grow my business in the digital sphere. I highly recommend the training that Gillian gives especially to someone who isn't very good at technology, her advice is easy to implement and her support has been awesome in building my confidence to step out on my own.
Megan Farley-Farthing, Your Health Your Choice

Gillian had a look at my Facebook business page and did a comprehensive Diagnostic Report for me. The report was very thorough and the improvements she suggested were extremely helpful to increase my online presence. I met with Gillian so she could explain each step set out in her report. She was so helpful and explained everything in simple terms.  Thanks Gillian ❤

Wendy Andrews, WendyA - Virtual Assistant

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