A Personal Data Deletion Request allows for personal data (such as legal name, email, financial information, etc.) to be deleted from a company, online or not.

Reasons for Personal Data Deletion Requests may be due to having used the company once and now they no longer had a need to use the company again, or perhaps have forgotten information was provided to the company, or  they may be receiving junk mail from various sources and wish to manage that.

This personal data deletion request is a simple document that can be used in any situation to request the removal of personal data.

How to enable a Personal Data Deletion Request

Click the button below and complete the online form which only requests basic identifying details, as well as the reason why the request is being made, and if known, a list of personal data that needs to be deleted.

On receipt of your completed form, we endeavour to take action & deliver notification, within 1 week of the request receipt.

Our email address is and you can also  contact us here.

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